Sadly, our supply of cat vaccines has been affected by a global shortage. We are doing what we can to resolve this but unfortunately ultimately this is beyond our control.

We need to prioritise cats most at risk, so will be able to offer vaccines only to cats under 18 months old (basically kittens and first-year boosters) until we can ensure a steady supply.

Your cat’s last booster injection should last about 15months, and we hope that this will be resolved soon. We will send you a reminder as soon as vaccines become more widely available.

Dog and Rabbit vaccines are unaffected at this point. We will still be issuing reminders for them as normal and administering the vaccines as they become due. Please note we will not book dogs and rabbits in for early boosters “just in case”.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and will update you straight away in case of any changes.


The Chandlers Ford and Boyatt Wood Veterinary Team.