These days everyone travels more, even our pets and this is due to pet passports. There are two means of taking your pet abroad and requirements can be very different,

(i) import/export where the pet is permanently moving abroad or to the UK and

(ii) passport where the pet is only leaving the UK for a short period of time and must be able to re-enter without the need for quarantine.

We advise on the former on an individual basis and take guidance from DEFRA. Pet passports are common nowadays, are easily arranged and cover a surprising number of destinations.

Your pet must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies before a passport is issued. There are a few important things to be aware of, mainly it will be at least three weeks before your pet can travel and like ourselves it is important to make sure you take your pet’s passport with you.

There are a few other re-entry requirements that you will need to fulfil to avoid problems on your return, mainly your pet should be treated for tapeworms 24-120 hours before re-entry (the requirement for tick treatment has been lifted but we would recommend you treat your pet regardless).

If you are thinking of taking your pet abroad please get in touch in lots of time and we can advise you on the procedure.